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The tourism industry plays an important and growing role in the global economy, and the Afro-Asian League has taken an interest in that industry as an important tributary of the global economy, especially since the Afro-Asian tourist destination enjoys many competitive advantages. There is no doubt that the tourism sector is a service sector that differs in nature from other service sectors. Education and training are the right way to upgrade the industry, and the importance of tourism education lies in preparing cadres for the labor market. Tourism education has developed recently and the movement witnessed by the sector at the local and global levels has contributed to this development, after tourism needs professional skills and competencies, keeping pace with the rapid development. In modern tourism knowledge and technology, which is one of the factors for the success of tourism development, with the provision of a distinguished elite of specialized professors at the academic and professional levels, in addition to practical field training over the summer vacations in one of the tourism and hotel establishments to give the student the real opportunity to experience the work atmosphere in the tourism market, through Conclusion of cooperation agreements between the college and major tourism institutions. The college applies the elements and standards of quality in the educational and academic system and scientific research and is keen on the quality of performance, in addition to its role in participating in tourism issues as an academic, research and advisory center. Therefore, the College of Tourism and Hotels deserves to attract distinguished students to distinguish them from their peers in the corresponding colleges with high-level capabilities. And to qualify them at the global level.

Prof. Dr. Rawia Khalil

Prof. Dr. Rawia Khalil



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Welcome to the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management at Afro-Asian University, where a world of exciting opportunities awaits you in the dynamic realm of hospitality, travel, and tourism. With a rich legacy of academic excellence, our faculty is committed to shaping the future leaders of the industry. Offering comprehensive BS, MS, and PhD programs, we provide a holistic learning environment that blends theoretical insights with hands-on experiences. Our distinguished faculty members bring a wealth of expertise, ensuring that students gain a deep understanding of industry trends, guest experiences, sustainable practices, and strategic management. Join us to embark on a transformative journey that equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in this global and vibrant field. Your path to a successful and fulfilling career in tourism and hotel management begins here.