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Dean's Message

The Faculty of Mass Communication at the Afro-Asian University is its external scientific and knowledge interface among students of science in the continents of Africa and Asia, due to the distinction of its scientific approach and its keenness to graduate scientific cadres characterized by professionalism, credibility and experience mixed with applied practice and keeping abreast of technical, technical and scientific developments in the field of communication at all levels, digital, visual, audio and others.
Hence the urgent need to teach students various media arts in order to provide media institutions with scientifically qualified journalists and train them on the latest communication techniques and communication with the target audience. The ultimate goal of the Faculty of Mass Communication is to graduate media professionals who are qualified to carry out various forms of media scientific research to serve the issues of society and development in all its forms.
The Faculty of Mass Communication includes the Department of Radio and Television, the Department of Journalism and Digital Media, and the Department of Strategic Communication.
It also includes a number of scholars, experts and specialists in the field of Islamic studies who are known for their generosity and excellence.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Wazzan

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Wazzan



The Faculty of Mass Communication comprises of the following departments

About Faculty

The Faculty of Mass Communication at Afro-Asian University is a dynamic hub of creativity, storytelling, and media excellence. Committed to nurturing the next generation of communication professionals, our faculty offers a comprehensive range of programs that explore the diverse facets of modern media, including journalism, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, and digital media. With a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, critical thinking, and ethical communication practices, we equip our students with the skills needed to excel in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Whether your passion lies in crafting compelling narratives, shaping public opinion, or harnessing the power of digital platforms, our faculty provides the tools and knowledge to succeed. Join us in the Faculty of Mass Communication to harness the power of effective communication and make your mark in the world of media and beyond.