Faculty of Law and Political Science

Dean's Message

The Faculty of Law and Political Science at our university seeks to prepare qualified graduates who possess the ability and competence in the sciences of Islamic law and law, and who are distinguished from graduates from other universities by their practical capabilities and scientific research skills. Preparing academically and scientifically qualified cadres for effective leadership in their societies in order to protect them, achieve justice and equality in them, consolidate the principle of the rule of law and deepen Islamic and human values.

Prof. Dr. Suleiman Al-Azzawi

Prof. Dr. Suleiman Al-Azzawi



The Faculty of Law And Political Science comprises of the following departments

About Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Afro-Asian University, where the intricate realms of law and governance converge to shape the foundations of just societies. Our faculty offers a comprehensive range of programs that delve into the dynamic fields of law, international relations, political science, and more. With a commitment to fostering critical thinking, ethical leadership, and a deep understanding of legal systems, we empower our students to become adept legal professionals, astute policymakers, and informed global citizens. Through rigorous academic inquiry, experiential learning opportunities, and exposure to real-world challenges, our graduates are prepared to navigate the complexities of today’s legal and political landscape. Join us in the Faculty of Law and Political Science to embark on a transformative educational journey that equips you with the skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the realms of law, governance, and diplomacy.