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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the Afro-Asian University
Our motto: Economics and business management start here
At the College of Business and Economics, we seek to enhance students’ capabilities for innovation and creativity, and teach them how to transform their ideas into successful projects and sustainable enterprises. We also teach them about sustainable business practices, equipping them with the skills and competencies they need for effective management and ethical leadership in any field or organization.
The college has the Department of Accounting, the Department of Banking and Finance, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Marketing, and the Department of Information Systems. It also provides a variety of sub-disciplines. Postgraduate programs at our college also include specialized diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees
It is self-evident that we currently live in a very dynamic and constantly turbulent environment because the business world is changing very quickly, which is reflected in the education of business administration and educational curricula in our college. To meet the requirements of the changing labor market day after day, and then respond optimally to the challenges and needs of society.
Our college is proud that it includes a distinguished constellation of senior researchers and scientists who are recognized for their excellence, generosity and competence, who strive to provide creative, comprehensive and influential educational experiences for our students. The high-quality research outputs of faculty members and postgraduate students at the College contribute to the enrichment and continuous development of knowledge, and to the positive impact on the business community.
The past few years have revealed profound and global challenges facing the global economy and society that need to be addressed and confronted. These challenges include, for example, business unsustainability, inflation, political instability, and climate change.
It is worth noting that the goal of business is not only to create economic or financial value, but also to create social and environmental values, and therefore our faculty members spare no effort in devoting their sincere efforts to educate and inspire our students not only to create financial value but also to bring about change Positive and address the challenges facing society.
And if the past few years have taught us anything, it is that we need to be more compassionate and caring about one another, the community and the planet we live in. That is why our graduates, faculty, teaching and research practices make a real positive impact on society and the world around us.
Joining the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences makes you an active part of a strong network and a vibrant and interdependent community that includes students, faculty members, alumni, business institutions and other partners.
If you are thinking of joining our community, we invite you to browse and navigate our website and explore the wide range of our academic programs, faculty profiles, and read the latest news and information about the college, the future of business starts here
And if you are a current faculty member, employee or student, we are happy and excited that you have chosen us and become part of our family. Enjoy your journey at the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences.


Prof. Dr. Medhat Mohamed Farhat



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The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Afro-Asian University is a dynamic academic hub that offers a comprehensive exploration of economic systems, business strategies, and the complexities of governance. Through a diverse array of programs spanning economics, finance, management, public policy, and more, our faculty provides students with a solid foundation in both theoretical concepts and practical applications. With an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and ethical decision-making, we empower our students to become adept professionals and visionary leaders in the ever-evolving global landscape. Our faculty fosters an environment where innovation and creativity converge with analytical rigor, equipping graduates with the skills to drive sustainable economic growth, effectively manage organizations, and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of societies. Join us in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences to embark on a transformative educational journey that bridges theory with real-world impact.