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Afro-Asian University is a scientific and academic institution that has been approved in accordance with the regulations and laws governing the establishment of scientific and educational bodies on August 31, 2021, under the number 098-269-34 in Istanbul. This approval is in implementation of the project presented by the Association of Afro-Asian Universities for the year 2021, as per the minutes of the third meeting held in the Republic of Indonesia on July 23, 2019.
In line with Afro-Asian University’s mission, the Community Service Center for Training and Consultation was established to serve as a bridge between the university and the community. It aims to provide specialized training courses, continuous education programs, and diverse community programs that contribute to enhancing the knowledge and economic capabilities of the community members. Additionally, these programs aim to replace primitive concepts with scientific ones across various fields by leveraging the specialized scientific competencies of the university
Derived from the university’s vision, the Community Service Center for Training and Consultation aims to be a scientific and knowledge hub that demonstrates local and global leadership, setting a model for advanced education
Ensuring global quality in alignment with the university’s mission, meeting the needs of the job market, and disseminating education and knowledge without constraints through diverse programs across all African and Asian countries
1- Strengthening the relationship between the university and the community.
2- Building the capacities of community groups through continuing education programmes.
3- Establishing, organizing and managing training courses, seminars, conferences and workshops that will develop society and meet its changing needs.
4- Organizing professional diploma programs in various specializations.
5- Encouraging students to do voluntary work through scientific convoys to the countryside.
6- Providing scientific consultations in various fields.
7- Training university and other university professors on designing university programs, methods of teaching university programs, and academic and professional ethics for university professors through performance development programs.
8- Opening branches of the center in African and Asian countries.
9- Implementing internationally funded projects in poor countries that suffer from conflicts on both continents

Center Activities

Why we are Special?

Scientific AAOU

Accredited Certifiacates

The center’s certificate is authenticated by official, well-known and internationally certified bodies


Flexible Education

A flexible and effective educational and academic system using the latest methods and means of communication


Training Staff

A training team of the highest level from all over the world and the highest type of experience


Center Structure Team

Director of the center

Dr. Amira Abdel Moneim

Director of the Center

Dr. Abdel Rahman Kamal

Head of the Continuing Studies Department

Head of training department

Prof. Helmy Abu Al-Futouh

Head of training department

Scientific advisor

Prof. Al-Shifa Abdul Qader

Scientific advisor

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