Office of the President

President's Message

It gives me pleasure to welcome all of you to the Afro-Asian University, which was established on the initiative of the Union of Afro-Asian Universities, to be the best help and support for science, students and researchers from all over the world, especially from the continents of Asia and Africa, and our university will work in several systems and languages in order to achieve knowledge and facilitate access to it by all available means scientific and legitimate.

The Afro-Asian University of the Federal Republic of Somalia was established based on the certification issued by the Somali Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education with the number WWWHTS/AHTS/06/147/2022

The university includes a constellation of the best scholars in the continents of Africa and Asia in all disciplines, and the university is distinguished by its curricula and decisions that keep pace with the requirements of the labor market, the needs of society and contemporary reality, and promote the values of common human denominators and combine tradition and modernity.

The Afro-Asian University has scientific partnerships with major universities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Turkey, Maldives, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Pakistan, America, Canada, Ukraine and other countries of the world for integration, cooperation, exchange of scientific and knowledge experiences, and joint accreditation to serve science students.

Among the most prominent features of the university are:

  • Work in a team spirit within the university or when interacting between the university and the community
  • Constructive response to the requirements of the labor market to ensure the strength and quality of academic programs
  • Work to promote societal peace and achieve sustainable development
  • Providing a diverse and diverse educational model that meets the needs of the student of science according to curricula that are characterized by the highest international quality standards and achieve competitiveness in the fields of the labor market.

We are always happy to receive your suggestions and opinions to develop the university’s work system and achieve the university’s motto towards setting out for leadership and excellence.

Afro-Asian University

Office Staff


Prof. Dr Basil Muhammad Al-Jasim

Vice President


Dr. Essam Seyam

Director, Office of the President


Prof. Mohammed Saleh​

Advisor to President


Prof. Isa Muhammad Maishanu

Advisor to President